Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Drawing Them Draw

Decided to draw the students drawing in class yesterday. These are a bit more refine compared to the Emergency Sketches below. I was more relaxed this day.

The head shots on the left are a couple of boys I saw on the Bart train on my way home from the city. At one point I thought one of the boys caught me sketching them, but it was never confirmed. They must have been in their early teens (12-13 yrs. I'm guessing). Their constant movement, along with the bumpy train ride, made them hard to draw. This is the challenge of sketching people in public.

I like to cram each page in my sketchbook. I usually have the pages filled, front and back. I don't like to waist paper. I'll turn the sketchbook in different angles to try and fit a sketch in.